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About MTR2

Engineering the future.

Our company headquarters are located in Naharriya, we are active in all maintenance fields all around the country. The company CEO is engineer Ariye Elkoby. aerodynamics and space engineer and an electronics technician. after 25 years of service in the Israeli airforce in a variety of jobs that are mostly engineering and maintenance, including lead engineer officer in the fighter jet engine unit and more field jobs.

11 years functioning as the lead engineer of Rambam hospital - delt with a big variety of management domains including system engineering, maintenance, water supply, AC systems, soft water, dialysis water, steam, technical air, medical air, laundries, cafeteria, elevators and more... 


Our servises


Tenders and projects

Reviewing structure planings, Multi-system buildings in the maintenance aspect.

preparing tenders for maintenance and management of structures.

Forming Specifications and Enclosures, maintenance and Instruction.

Forming protocols \ work instructions.

Monitoring over maintenance and operation entities.

Maintenance consultation 

Setting a program for maintenance management of the factory, specific machines, sites and more.

Reviewing \ Choosing the appliance Manner and adapting it to the user. A computerized and systematic approach towards structure management and maintenance that combine the business strategy of the organization that is served. that is designed to bring the best results and advantages to the customer. Bringing to maximum efficiency in minimum coasts

Tahzokan@t software

A software that combines systematical and computerized approach to management and maintenance of buildings and systems. With a unique algorithm for managing maintenance of buildings and systems.

Infrastructure review

Reviewing existing infrastructures and reviewing the way they are operated as a function of the system needs. At the end of the process maintaining the systems and adapting the operation ways so they will be as optimal can contribute a lot to the system availability and reduce operating costs.


Contact MTR2

Wizman 14, nahariyya 


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